Effective Unit Testing

Raymond Law
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When you buy Effective Unit Testing, you’ll get instant access to:

  • A 177-page ebook in PDF format (continue to add more after the early bird launch)
  • A super handy cheat sheet to remind and reinforce the steps to always keep you on track when writing unit tests
  • A list of all pro tips from the book for you to easily refer so you can avoid the common pitfalls when you have doubts
  • BONUS You also get one month of 24/7 access to my premium mentorship program (a $149 value). You’ll participate in our private Slack team to get help when you’re stuck. You’ll get instant access to screencast tutorials in our private Wistia group. There are currently two screencast series on the following topics: How to convert your existing project to Clean Swift (over 3.5 hours) and How to add unit tests to your existing project (over 1.5 hours and expanding)
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Effective Unit Testing

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